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Malware and Trojans

Have you lost control of your browser? Are windows popping open that shouldn’t. Does your Mac act like it is possessed.? Your Mac has been infected with Malware.

Call me and I will take care of your problem. Your data will be secure and your problem will be solved. I can remove malware and show you how to avoid it.

Malware has become more and more common. Even on Macs. It can sneak in in a variety of ways. Thieves and liars have become ever more ingenious and cunning.

Never call an 800 number that pops up in a browser window. You may even get a telephone call telling you that activity has been detected indicating your computer has been compromised. They may say to be from Microsoft, Apple or the FBI. They lie.
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Adobe Flash Player Warning

This happens frequently. "Adobe released a raft of patches and security bulletins today for yet another batch of "critical" security flaws, including flaws that allow an attacker to take control of the affected system."
I have uninstalled Adobe Flash Player from all my Macs. The uninstaller from Adobe is here. If you have to run Adobe Flash Player, only download it directly from Adobe. Fake installers will sneak malware onto your Mac.