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Upgrade Mac Operating System

The Operating System that ships with new Macs is 10.12 (Sierra). Is this the best operating system for your older Mac? Apple is aggressive about encouraging users to upgrade. Is it as easy as upgrading from the AppStore?

Each new operating system is geared towards the latest Macs. While your seven year old Mac may run the latest Operating Systems, it may not run well. That problem can be resolved to a large degree by upgrading your original hard drive to an SSD drive. It runs approximately five times faster than a SATA (electromechanical) drive.

The other issue to consider is newer software (especially brand new) is not necessarily better. Software gets more bloated and complicated with each new version.

If you have a new Mac that came with OS X Sierra, you have no choice but to run Sierra. The Mac OS that your computer comes with is the oldest version of the OS you can run. It has always been this way. However, you do have a choice as to if and when you upgrade to a new version of the Mac OS.

An upgrade installs a new version of the Mac OS over the version already installed. Problems with the old system carry forward. The alternative is a fresh install. With a fresh install, your drive is reformatted and the Mac OS is installed. This is optimal.

Other advice:

  • Verify software you use is compatible with the new Mac OS.
  • Make two backup copies of your drive before upgrading. A Time Machine backup and a clone using a program such as Carbon Copy Cloner.

Bottom Line: Don’t rush into the latest version upgrade of the Macintosh Operating Systems. Contact me with the particulars of your Mac before upgrading and I will give you my opinion of your next best step.